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Vacuum bags

Discover our compatible vacuum bags for numerous models of central vacuum systems: Axpir Initia, Axpir Compact, Axpir Dynamic, C.Integra, C.Cleaner, C.Compact, C.Power, Supervac, Eolys, GA 130, GA 200, GA 300, TX1A, TX3A, TX4A.

Which bag should I choose for my central vacuum system ?

The Aldes bags are made of certified polyester fabric. They have high tear and moisture resistance. With a lifespan of 6 months under normal usage, it is important to replace them as soon as they are full. On France Aspiration, you can find them in 12-liter and 30-liter sizes, available individually, in packs, and even in kits with their associated filter.

This range of Aldes bags is compatible with C.Cleaner, Axpir, Confort, Blue, Power, Dooble, Family, Energy, Booster, and Boosty central vacuum systems.

The Aspibox, Beam Electrolux, and Aertecnica bags are made of paper. They are sold individually or in packs of 3 or 6.

When should you change the bag of the central vacuum system ?

The maintenance of the vacuum bag depends on the intensity of the central vacuum system usage. If you use it frequently or if you have a pet, you will need to empty the bag regularly. Like the filter, it is important to properly maintain the central vacuum system bag and empty it as soon as it is full. This prevents any damage to the motor and ensures that the vacuum retains its optimal power.


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