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Spare parts

If you need to renew your consumables or replace a spare part for your central vacuum system, France Aspiration offers a wide range of compatible spare parts and consumables: motors, electronic boards, carbon brushes, filters, and bags. We provide a comprehensive selection of spare parts to repair or maintain your central vacuum unit. To ensure an optimal experience on France Aspiration and facilitate your purchases, we recommend consulting our buying guide for compatibility information regarding spare parts and consumables for central vacuum systems.


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Spare parts

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Ref. AD392
7,50 incl tax
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1400W engine kit for Dyvac, C. cleaner, C.Booster, C.Power, C.dooble control units, 1 year warranty, ALDES 11171626
Ref. AD235
167,70 incl tax
Ref. AD292
123,00 incl tax
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Electronic card 1350 W for central vacuum units Axpir Family and Axpir Compact, ALDES 11070333
Ref. AD024
138,00 incl tax
Ref. AD766
150,00 incl tax
Ref. P_AD267
1,10 incl tax
Ref. ADC406
150,00 incl tax
Ref. ADC047
29,70 incl tax
Ref. AD071
19,80 incl tax
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Set of 2 ALDES Universal bags with a capacity of 30 litres + 2 engine filters
Ref. ADC108
29,90 incl tax
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Until 23/04/2024
2 cellulose filters compatible with ATOME Alligator 1 and VACUQUEEN Alligator 1
Ref. ADC408
66,00 incl tax
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Until 02/05/2024
DUOVAC filter DIV-30 made of polypropylene
Ref. AD334
9,90 incl tax
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Until 02/05/2024
Polyester filter for ASPIBOX, EUROBASIC, EUROMAID, DISAN ZSA 18/1 and ZSA 25/1 units
Ref. AD139
39,90 incl tax
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sonis M550 series receiver + mains adapter
Ref. ADC118
177,00 incl tax
Ref. AD032
42,00 incl tax
Ref. AD167
84,00 incl tax
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Until 30/04/2024
Express maintenance pack - for Easyclean units
Ref. P_ADC138
49,00 incl tax
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Until 03/05/2024
Set of 3 ALDES Universal bags with a capacity of 30 litres + 3 engine filters
Ref. ADC340
39,90 incl tax
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ALDES 30-litre universal bag + 5 filters for C.CLEANER, AXPIR, CONFORT, BLUE, POWER, BOOSTY, DOOBLE, BOOSTER, ENERGY, FAMILY units (5 BUY = +1 FREE)
Ref. ADC015
89,50 incl tax
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ALDES 30-litre universal bag + 10 engine filters for AXPIR, C.CLEANER, POWER, BOOSTER, BLUE, BOOSTY, DOOBLE, CONFORT, ENERGY, FAMILY units (10 BUY = +3 FREE)
Ref. ADC017
179,00 incl tax
Ref. AD070
12,00 incl tax
Ref. AD755
31,80 incl tax
Ref. ADC355
29,70 incl tax
Ref. ADC239
24,00 incl tax

I need to replace the motor of my central vacuum system, how can I find its reference number ?

A motor is not specifically associated with a brand or a particular central vacuum system. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between the brand of your central unit and the reference number of your motor. In order to replace the motor of a central vacuum system, it is essential to know its reference number.

To find the reference number, simply open the central unit to access the motor block. Then, you will need to remove the motor. The reference number is usually found on a white label located on the motor’s turbine.

In some cases, the motor may not have a label indicating the reference number. If that’s the case, please take note of the motor’s dimensions and take a photo of it. Then, send all this information to us via email at

When should motor brushes be replaced ?

Motor brushes should be checked every 5 years. If the brushes are less than one centimeter long, it is essential to replace them. However, if they are slightly longer than one centimeter, it is advisable to check them once a year to maintain optimal efficiency of your central unit.

How often should I replace the filter in my central vacuum ?

The filter of a central vacuum should be maintained 2 to 3 times a year depending on your usage. If it is a polyester filter, it can be washed with water. However, if the filter is made of cellulose, it is not reusable and will need to be replaced.

For central vacuums with bags, it is important to empty the bag as soon as it is full to ensure the efficiency and optimal power of the central vacuum.