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Piping and inlets

The PVC piping allows you to connect your central unit to the various strategically placed suction inlets in your home. It consists of PVC suction pipes that, when assembled, form a hidden circuit within the attic, walls, or closets. Its role is to transfer the dust collected from the hose to the canister or bag of the central unit. At France Aspiration, you can explore our range of piping and inlets, including PVC pipes, designer inlets, elbows, and more.


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Piping and inlets

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How to install PVC piping ?

For a successful installation, it is advisable to plan in advance for the various locations: the central unit, the inlet valves, the PVC piping circuit… Indeed, the piping, inlet valves, and central unit are the essential elements to consider before installation. The size of the PVC circuit will determine the power required for your central vacuum system. To ensure optimal power for your system, it is important to limit the number of bends and the length of your circuit.

Regarding the inlet valves, they are connected to backing plates. These plates are fixed to the last element of the wall, such as the drywall. A 90° elbow is connected to these backing plates. This setup prevents the intrusion of long objects into the system and thus prevents blockages.

Where should the Slimline PVC pipes be installed ?

The Slimline system consists of oval-shaped pipes. As a result, they allow for the installation of the central vacuum system in narrow walls. The Slimline pipes require a clearance of only 45mm, making it possible to install them in tight spaces, on the floor, and even in a false ceiling.

Moreover, the oval shape of the pipes prevents power loss and ensures optimal suction power. This pipe system can be used throughout the entire network or only where necessary. Simply connect it with a suitable adapter.