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Central vacuum systems

Central vacuum systems, offer an innovative solution to simplify your daily cleaning routine. Despite being relatively unknown to the general public, they promise convenience, efficient, and quick cleaning. Moreover, they enhance the indoor air quality of your home by delivering superior suction power that can be up to 4 times stronger than traditional vacuum cleaners. At France Aspiration, we offer a wide range of central vacuum units from top brands such as Aertecnica, Aldes, Easy-Clean, Général d'Aspiration, Sach, Trema, Unelvent, and many more.

How does a central vacuum system work ?

The central vacuum system consists of three types of products :

Firstly, the central unit, which is placed in a separate space such as the basement, utility room, garage, or even the attic. This separate location helps to contain the noise generated by the vacuum system, reducing any disturbance. It is important to choose a central vacuum system that is suitable for the configuration of your home so that the suction power is sufficient to reach the farthest outlet in the network.

The PVC piping network connects the central unit to the inlet valves. This network allows dust and debris to travel through the PVC pipes and collect in the central unit’s canister. The network serves the inlet valves strategically placed throughout your house. The goal is to position the inlet valves in central areas of the house, ensuring that the hose can reach the farthest points.

The vacuum hose and accessories are the movable components that you will handle regularly. You will attach various brushes and the telescopic wand to the end of your central vacuum hose.

How to choose a central vacuum system?

On France Aspiration, you can find a wide range of central vacuum systems. In each product description, we provide detailed information about the features and specifications of the central vacuum systems to assist you in making the right choice.

When choosing a central vacuum system, there are several factors to consider:

  1. The size of your home will determine the optimal power level. There is no need to opt for a high-power central vacuum system if your house is small in size.
  2. The distance from the farthest inlet to the central unit. This factor helps determine the appropriate suction power. It indicates how quickly the central unit can vacuum the dust and transport it through the PVC pipes to the canister or bag.
  3. The number of inlets to be installed should be taken into account. This will determine the installation of the piping network as well as the length of the hose. Just like with a traditional vacuum cleaner, you don’t unplug and plug in the cord for each room you need to vacuum. Typically, you extend the cord to its maximum length. The same principle applies to a central vacuum system. Therefore, it is unnecessary to install an inlet in every room. Typically, 2 to 3 inlets are sufficient to provide the necessary convenience of use.
  4. The presence of pets will determine the type of filtration to prioritize. If you have a dog or a cat, it is preferable to choose a central vacuum system with a bag. This way, the pet hair will go directly into the dust bag, preventing any clogging issues. Additionally, protecting the filtration system ensures a longer lifespan of the motor and suction power.

Why Install a Central Vacuum System ?

Central vacuum systems are a reliable concept that offers numerous advantages. Compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner, a central vacuum system is much more powerful and efficient. Additionally, it operates at a low noise level. This system does not release any dust or allergens during its operation. In contrast, a canister vacuum cleaner tends to release micro dust particles behind it. The dust is directly trapped in the isolated canister of the central vacuum system, providing a significant advantage for allergy sufferers. This system improves indoor air quality and enhances cleanliness in your home.


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Central vacuum systems

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