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Flash sale
Until 30/07/2024
Water and ash separator
Ref. AA459
Original price was: 54,90€ incl tax.Current price is: 33,00€ incl tax.
Flash sale
Until 20/07/2024
FURBO SACH handheld hoover
Ref. AA461
Original price was: 99,00€ incl tax.Current price is: 39,00€ incl tax.
Flash sale
Until 21/07/2024
8 accessories Kit with Chromed telescopic wand
Ref. AAC127
Original price was: 70,20€ incl tax.Current price is: 39,00€ incl tax.
Ref. AA133
18,00 incl tax
Ref. AA379
18,00 incl tax
Ref. AA378
24,00 incl tax
Flash sale
Until 21/07/2024
8 accessories Kit with black aluminium 
telescopic wand
Ref. AAC275
Original price was: 67,20€ incl tax.Current price is: 39,00€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC391
18,00 incl tax
Ref. AA417
45,90 incl tax
Ref. P_AA374
30,00 incl tax
Ref. AD465
15,00 incl tax
Ref. AD466
8,70 incl tax
Ref. AD467
12,00 incl tax
Ref. AD476
4,90 incl tax
Ref. AD371
9,90 incl tax
Online promotion
8-accessory kit with chrome-plated telescopic tube and luxury wall bracket for hose and handle
Ref. AAC488
Original price was: 79,80€ incl tax.Current price is: 48,00€ incl tax.
Online promotion
Car cleaning kit 5 accessories
Ref. AAC477
Original price was: 41,40€ incl tax.Current price is: 21,00€ incl tax.
Online promotion
Premium Black 4 Set Accessories Set
Ref. AAC371
Original price was: 35,10€ incl tax.Current price is: 14,90€ incl tax.
Online promotion
Cleaning Set Car ALDES Central vacuum accessories, ALDES 11071091
Ref. AAC437
Original price was: 166,30€ incl tax.Current price is: 108,00€ incl tax.
Online promotion
ALDES vacuum accessories set
Ref. AAC318
Original price was: 63,60€ incl tax.Current price is: 39,90€ incl tax.
Ref. AAC369
10,50 incl tax
Online promotion
Cleaning Set Aldes
Ref. AAC355
Original price was: 26,10€ incl tax.Current price is: 19,96€ incl tax.
Flash sale
Until 21/07/2024
ALDES car vacuum accessories set
Ref. AAC314
Original price was: 82,30€ incl tax.Current price is: 49,50€ incl tax.
Online promotion
Set of 3 Aldes accessories
Ref. AAC313
Original price was: 37,60€ incl tax.Current price is: 36,80€ incl tax.