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Products of the brand GÉNÉRAL D’ASPIRATION

General d'Aspiration is the expert in central vacuum systems, providing hygiene and comfort for everyday living. GA central units combine quality, design, and intelligent features to meet all needs and requirements. The range is adaptable to all configurations and sizes of homes. General d'Aspiration central units are bagless and come with a cleaning kit for easy maintenance. The GA range is available in three sizes, catering to homes up to 550m². The radio version is also available as a wireless kit for convenient installation.


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Ref. AD364
237,00 incl tax
Ref. ADC394
150,00 incl tax
Ref. AAC003
27,90 incl tax
Ref. AAC019
63,00 incl tax
Ref. AAC002
9,00 incl tax
Ref. AAC008
1,80 incl tax
Ref. AAC004
3,00 incl tax
Ref. AAC011
4,50 incl tax
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Electronic card Général d'Aspiration for 100/200/300 power units
Ref. AD104
41,40 incl tax
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Electronic card  Général d'Aspiration for 400 power unit
Ref. AD105
98,70 incl tax
Ref. AD135
59,10 incl tax
Ref. AD444
313,80 incl tax
Ref. AD202
106,50 incl tax
Ref. AD784
333,00 incl tax
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Electronic card générale d'aspiration 8 plots A.M
Ref. AD201
78,00 incl tax
Ref. AD149
65,10 incl tax
Ref. AD780
60,00 incl tax
Ref. ADC045
39,60 incl tax
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Until 18/04/2024
2 General cellulose suction filters GA 100, GA 200, GA 300, GA 400 and ECXEL
Ref. ADC400
49,80 incl tax
Ref. AD065
28,80 incl tax
Ref. AC159
1140,00 incl tax
Ref. AD434
21,90 incl tax
Ref. AD205
18,00 incl tax
Ref. AD204
12,60 incl tax