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Products of the brand AMETEK LAMB

AMETEK LAMB central vacuum motors are designed to be both durable and reliable. With their unmatched performance, many brands of central vacuum systems are compatible with Ametek motors, including Astrovac, Aspibox, Soluvac, Airflow, and more.


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Ref. AD379
179,10 incl tax
Ref. AD001
498,00 incl tax
Ref. AD006
186,00 incl tax
Ref. AD380
260,70 incl tax
Ref. AD002
597,00 incl tax
Ref. AD004
168,00 incl tax
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Engine Ametek Lamb 116355 replaces the 117275, 116213, 115961 and the 119692
Ref. AD005
167,40 incl tax
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Engine Ametek Lamb 116657
Ref. AD007
228,00 incl tax
Ref. AD008
198,00 incl tax
Ref. AD048
29,70 incl tax
Ref. AD417
29,40 incl tax
Ref. AD572
315,00 incl tax
Ref. AD571
189,00 incl tax
Ref. AD241
436,80 incl tax
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ENGINE Ametek Lamb 117502 it replaces the 117743, 117501, 116743, 117741 and the 119599
Ref. AD010
378,00 incl tax
Ref. AD013
192,00 incl tax
Ref. AD378
249,00 incl tax
Ref. AD311
255,00 incl tax
Ref. AD310
250,90 incl tax
Ref. AD014
195,00 incl tax
Ref. AD017
198,00 incl tax
Ref. AD018
198,00 incl tax
Ref. ADC166
138,00 incl tax
Ref. ADC165
126,00 incl tax