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Products of the brand AERTECNICA

Concerned about environmental quality, well-being, and the health of its customers, Aertecnica has become an essential brand in the central vacuum industry. With Aertecnica central vacuum systems, the suction power is unparalleled. Furthermore, there is no release of allergens or bacteria into living spaces as everything is directly evacuated to the central unit. As a result, the operation of the central vacuum is simple, powerful, and ergonomic. The units are extremely quiet thanks to the new motor enclosure that further reduces noise. Additionally, the startup is achieved through a progressively starting motor. All units are covered by a 3-year warranty. They are available individually or in kits with accessories and piping.


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Robò Tubo Aertecnica TR900LA robot hoover with Plug and Play station is the only robot hoover with automatic emptying managed by a centralised suction system.
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3 lingettes microfibre pour robot Aertecnica TR800, Aertecnica RTR805
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The Perfetto Inox TX range for flawless suction

The Perfetto Inox TX central vacuum systems have obtained quality and environmental certifications. This range is equipped with an innovative system that allows for automatic cleaning of the filters. Throughout the suction process, a rod will remove dust and debris from the filters. This patented Aertecnica system ensures that the filters remain intact even after a cleaning session.

The TX units are also equipped with a Modbus system, allowing them to be connected to a home automation system. Additionally, an instant display screen allows for monitoring the operation and status of the central unit at any time.

Aertecnica's Robò Tubò robot vacuum cleaner and mop

An autonomous and efficient robot

Robò, the only robot vacuum equipped with an automatic emptying system managed by a central vacuum system. Additionally, with its Plug&Play self-cleaning station, it is compatible with all central vacuum systems. Therefore, it is the perfect companion for a thorough and autonomous cleaning.

A customized cleaning routine

A 3D mapping of your home allows the robot to memorize walls, obstacles, doors, and furniture. As a result, the robot moves intelligently, establishing the cleaning path to follow. It is also possible to customize the cleaning process with three programs: complete cleaning, cleaning of one or multiple rooms, and spot cleaning.

A dedicated application

Thanks to its dedicated application, you can program it remotely and also control the different cleaning cycles.